Wave Good-bye (Luna Bay, #2)

PDF-file by Francess Lin Lantz

Wave Good-bye (Luna Bay, #2) PDF ebook download Five best friends go coastal in this fabulously fun surfing series from Roxy Girl!

Rae hasn't been her usual self lately, and no one at camp seems to know why. Her crabby attitude is starting to affect everyone, including her best friend, Luna. When Luna catches Rae precariously riding the piers, she decides to confront her friend head-on.

Finally Rae admits the truth: Her parents have decided to separate, and even worse — her father's company is relocating him to Chicago. Now Rae feels torn between staying in southern California with her overbearing mother and moving with her father to an unfamiliar city. Though leaving would ease the tension between Rae and her mom, it would mean the end of Rae's surfing, too. Will Luna be able to convince Rae to stick around or will she lose her best friend forever?

It's all about a passion for the sport ... and life.

Be sure to check out the latest surfscope and lovescope inside!

eBook Wave Good-bye (Luna Bay, #2)

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