Of Kings and Half Kings (Chronicles of the English, #2)

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Of Kings and Half Kings (Chronicles of the English, #2) PDF ebook download The English
The Scots
The Dublin Norse
The Welsh
Britain, 942

Edmund of the English, the aged Constantin of Scotland, Anlaf Sihtriccson of York, Idwal of Gwynedd, Hywel of the South Welsh.
The year is 942 and the treaty of Eamont in 927 and the recent battle of Brunanburh in 937 has inflicted an uneasy calm on the lands of the British Isles. The fledgling England, Scotland, Strathclyde, the warring Welsh kingdoms and the Viking stronghold of Dublin are held firmly apart.
Or are they?
Hinged on the power and resourcefulness of one man, Athelstan, first King of the English, his untimely death in late 939 has thrust his young half-brother onto the throne and the acquisitive eyes of Olaf Gothfrithson of Dublin, his close ally Anlaf Sihtricsson, Constantin of Scotland and Idwal of Gwynedd have turned once more to England’s land and her people. Can Edmund hold England firm against the over-mighty men? Or will the greatest English victory at Brunanburh amount to nothing and fade into obscurity, to be forgotten by all?
Told from the view points of the main protagonists, and covering the period from 939-942, Of Kings and Half Kings is an epic tale of the British Isles in the middle of the tenth century told through the eyes of Edmund, Olaf Gothfrithson, Anlaf Sihtricsson, Constantin of the Scots, Athelstan the Ealdorman and Hywel of the South Welsh and Edmund’s bid to hold England whole against men who want to rip her apart.

eBook Of Kings and Half Kings (Chronicles of the English, #2)

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