Murder in Manzanar

PDF-file by David L. Parrott

Murder in Manzanar PDF ebook download Is tis April, 1943 and Kenzo Takei, a five year old Japanese-American boy, witnesses the violent death of a white camp employee in the apple orchard at the Manzanar concentration camp in California. He's too young to fully understand what he's seen, but years pass and he's and adult living in San Clemente when the killer enters his life again. This time the victim is a ravishing young Japanese geisha that Kenzo has just met. And now he finds himself implicated not only in her murder, but entangled in a web of deceit that leads him back to the notorious camps at Manzanar and Tule Lake, and into conflict with a cast of criminals form Little Tokyo in L.A. and from Japan.

eBook Murder in Manzanar

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