Choices (Nordic Fairies, #6)

PDF-file by Saga Berg

Choices (Nordic Fairies, #6) PDF ebook download So, what do I say about this book...other than I loved the entire series!

Saga Berg did a wonderful job with the last book Choices (#6 of the Nordic Fairies), I just wish there was more...which I believe most people will. When a series ends it feels like a part of you ends with it. This series draws you in and keeps you guessing through the entire series.

My favorite part of the ending was the Happily Ever After...Svala and Viggo are finally together...the only thing that made me really sad was that Tyrm and Alrik still at the end could not be together.

I hope that Saga continues to write more stories such as the Nordic Fairies!

eBook Choices (Nordic Fairies, #6)

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