Blogs from the Basement (Blogs from the Basement, #1)

PDF-file by Kaine Andrews

Blogs from the Basement (Blogs from the Basement, #1) PDF ebook download Meet L. Cipher. Or Bob, as his father named him. He's also known to go by Luke, Nero or Rufus. Having been watching the internet for some time, he's decided it's time to set the record straight with an off-color running commentary about the true history of life, the universe and everything. Collected from his ramblings and including the commentary of such folks as JbarJ, SweetMaryM and Alpha2Omega, Blogs from the Basement covers such topics as the creation of the universe, what Adam and Eve really looked like, and reasons why Bob wants to torch his neighbor's house.

Did we mention Bob is the devil?

eBook Blogs from the Basement (Blogs from the Basement, #1)

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