Essential Sight Words Level I - Advanced Readers (Set of 8 books) (Set of 8 books) (Learn to Read Books)

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Essential Sight Words Level I - Advanced Readers (Set of 8 books) (Set of 8 books) (Learn to Read Books) PDF ebook download The Ideal Reading Scheme for Budding Readers


"`Essential Sight Words Series', gave me an opportunity to help my kids learn
how to read without the frustration of being overwhelmed with words and to also
feel confident as they gradually pick up words with little effort!"


Essential Sight Words is a series of graded readers that will teach your child
to read. The series introduces and reinforces many basic sight words found in
the everyday reading. This book like the last comprises eight readers in one.
This book reinforces the words introduced in the Level 1 -
Introductory book. The additional nouns included present the words previously
introduced in new contexts and adds richness to the story lines.
The scheme is based on the Dolch word list* and additional sight words which
are regarded as the top 25 most commonly used words in contemporary English
literature. These 25 words make up over one-third of all printed material. So a
solid foundation in this comprehensive list is the best start to your child's
journey in language development.

Research shows that learning to read in context is more effective than any
other method such as the use of flash cards. You will notice that the readers
are written in contexts familiar to children. The ability to relate in this way
captures the little reader's interest.

Confidence is the essence of successful learning. So repetition is used
judiciously to consolidate learning and build the reader's confidence. 

New words are highlighted as they are introduced. The book also includes a
section on how the scheme is best used to make the most of your child's reading

Please note that this series of books are not 'picture books'. They are based
on a proven systematic approach to reading, where children are encouraged to
concentrate on the letters and words, without the distraction of pictures. So
the use of pictures is limited to the beginning of each reader when new nouns
are introduced. In this way the young mind is allowed to remain focused. This
is considered a more traditional approach and one of the best ways of learning
to read. It will contribute to developing a solid reading foundation. Read more
about this in the authors introduction to the book (freely available to read
through the Amazon look inside feature).


*Level 1 corresponds with Dolch Pre-Primer Vocabulary word list and includes
additional sight words listed below:

Introductory - a, and, are, as, at, away, ball, be, bed, big, blue, box, can,
come, Dan, down, find, for, fun, funny, go, have, he, help, here, his, house,
I, in, is, it, Jen, jump, like, little, look, make, me, my, not, of, on, one,
other, play, red, run, said, see, she, sun, the, them, they, this, three, to,
toy, two, up, was, we, where, with yellow, you.

Advanced - includes the words introduced in the introductory book and includes
the following additional nouns: bird, boat, boy, car, day, doll, egg, father,
girl, morning, mother, robin, water, window.

eBook Essential Sight Words Level I - Advanced Readers (Set of 8 books) (Set of 8 books) (Learn to Read Books)

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