A White Horse Gazing across the Past Years 守岁白驹

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A White Horse Gazing across the Past Years 守岁白驹 PDF ebook download Guo Jingming (Chinese: 郭敬明; Pinyin: Guo Jing Ming) born on June 6, 1983 is a Chinese YA writer. In addition to being an author and businessperson, Guo is also a teen pop idol and popular celebrity figure.[1] On the other hand, Guo is a polarizing figure. In 2007, he was voted on Tianya.com, one of the country’s biggest online forums, as China’s "most hated male celebrity" for the third year in a row. Yet three of his four novels have sold over a million copies each, and by 2007, he was one of the best selling authors in China.[2][3]
Guo Jingming is the president of Ke Ai Entertainment Company, which was established in 2004 by himself.[2] Ke Ai mainly produces teen magazines such as “Top Novel” and “Island".[2][3] In 2008, Guo Jingming signed a contract with Tian Yu Entertainment Company.[4] Soon after, Guo was hired by Changjiang Publishing House in 2009 as a vice editor. Guo Jingming was the youngest member in China’s Writers Association when he was just 23 years old.[5] Guo is also an occasional screenwriter.[3][6]


eBook A White Horse Gazing across the Past Years 守岁白驹

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