Brak the Barbarian Versus the Sorceress (Brak the Barbarian, #2)

PDF-file by John Jakes

Brak the Barbarian Versus the Sorceress (Brak the Barbarian, #2) PDF ebook download A few examples of the problems I had with this book:

* Nordica Fire-Hair, the primary antagonist, is the daughter of a modest alchemist in this unnamed kingdom.Her father dies under mysterious circumstances.She is now gathering an army to herself in her mountaintop fortress.Where did she get a mountaintop fortress?It wasn't her father's, was it?

* The plot revolves around the modest alchemist devising a formula for the transmutation of base metal into gold.But when her suddenly-demon-worshiping daughter invokes this ritual, she's using the name of an elder god not generally known and not revered by her father.So did her father devise a formula that he never intended to use that invokes a foul being that he does not honor?

It goes on like this.It felt like Jakes had some idea about what pieces he wanted to include—a kingdom in distress, the Manworm, the gathering of a conquering army, a completely immoral source of funding—and then hammered them roughly into shape.It doesn't help that he telegraphs every plot point, making Brak look like a perpetual holder of the Idiot Ball as his understanding lags well behind the reader.

eBook Brak the Barbarian Versus the Sorceress (Brak the Barbarian, #2)

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