Death at Bandit Creek (Bandit Creek, #6)

PDF-file by Amy Jo Fleming

Death at Bandit Creek (Bandit Creek, #6) PDF ebook download Charlotte Fraser is running away, broken-hearted. She is the new teacher in a one-room school house in Bandit Creek, Montana. The year is 1911 and she has arrived just in time to stage the annual Thanksgiving pageant but . . . when she gets there, she learns that the old school teacher, Eileen McArthur is missing. Could Charlotte be in danger too?

The young sheriff, Alec Forrest, is searching for Eileen McArthur. He gets nothing but grief from the young women in Bandit Creek, but it seems that Charlotte will be more trouble than any of the rest. And will he ever find out what happened to Eileen McArthur?

eBook Death at Bandit Creek (Bandit Creek, #6)

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