Viewing Child Pornography on the Internet

PDF-file by Ethel Quayle

Viewing Child Pornography on the Internet PDF ebook download In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of convictions for offences related to the use of child pornography. From the amount of child pornography available in public channels on the Internet, it would be safe to assume that this is mirrored by an increase in the numbers of people accessing such material, but who have not been caught. Many practitioners are now confronted with the need to provide either therapy or effective management of this problem. This timely book will help them do this well, by enabling more focused intervention with those who are seeking help as well as those who have committed offences. It is based on significant collaborative work with those engaged in research and treatment provision to people who are accessing the Internet material. Readers will learn about: sexual offences and the Internet; cognitive behaviour therapy approaches; and how these approaches might be applied to the specific population. Practitioners will be helped to: discriminate between different client presentations; assess the problem target; draw up an appropriate intervention programme; and evaluate the effects of the implemented programme.

eBook Viewing Child Pornography on the Internet

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