Treasure of Eden (Eden Thrillers #3)

PDF-file by Sharon Linnea

Treasure of Eden (Eden Thrillers #3) PDF ebook download Book 3 in the Eden Thrillers Series

In 1954, two Bedouin boys unearthed an ancient, jewel-encrusted box in a Judean wilderness cave.More than a half-century later, the box has reappeared on the black market, and a rouge CIA agent believes that Army Chaplain Jamie Richards knows its whereabouts - and its mysteries.

The reappearance of the illustrious Treasure of Eden is the biggest threat Jamie has ever faced.She is determined to find the treasure before it - and its secrets - falls into the wrong hands.Because this time the future of the entire world is at stake...And for Jamie, this time it's personal.

eBook Treasure of Eden (Eden Thrillers #3)

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