Stormy, the Singing Snowman (Teacher's Handbook)

PDF-file by Sally K. Albrecht

Stormy, the Singing Snowman (Teacher's Handbook) PDF ebook download Oh, no! The popular Snowfest festival is just around the corner, and the feature soloist had to cancel! Members of the Snowfest Choir are sent out to hunt for new talent. Join the fun and the singing as Stormy (the snowman) and his Forest Chorus friends decide to audition for the Maestro. Can you guess who ends up with the big solo? Approximately 25 minutes. Recommended for grades 2-7. Products available: Teacher's Handbook (includes Reproducibles), Enhanced SoundTrax CD (Accompaniment/Performance tracks plus reproducible PDF files of Student Pages & Cover Art), or price-saving Book & CD Kit.
Titles: Celebrate Snow! * There's Always Room for One More * If They Only Knew * Boogie Down to Harmony Lane * One World * Finale.

eBook Stormy, the Singing Snowman (Teacher's Handbook)

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