Designing Organizations to Create Value

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Designing Organizations to Create Value PDF ebook download A three-pronged strategy for dramatically increasing organizational performance and value

Business leaders today need more than fads and buzzwords to beat the competition; they need a solid organizational architecture for identifying and resolving the problems that prevent companies from reaching their full potential. "Designing Organizations to Create Value "outlines just such a framework, providing executives with the tools they need to build a balanced, functional organization—one that helps ensure the success of the business as it lays the groundwork for increased firm value. This practical, sensible book, based on the author's bestselling college classic, follows a step-by-step process for identifying the critical aspects of an organization's internal structure and taking the appropriate actions to address them and lead the organization to greatness. That process, adaptable to virtually any

organization or organizational structure, details: Assignment of decision-making rights Rewarding individuals Evaluating performance

eBook Designing Organizations to Create Value

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