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World Almanac Book Of Records PDF ebook download Every year, millions of readers count on "The World Almanac and Book of Facts "to deliver accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information on thousands of topics. Now those same factoid fanatics will be able to dig into the all-new, fully illustrated "The World Almanac Book of Records: Firsts, Feats, Facts & Phenomena."
"The World Almanac Book of Records" will entertain and inform anyone with a curiosity for the fastest, the oldest, the biggest, the first, and the most extraordinary. Students can use this authoritative guide for school and pore over it with friends. Grown-ups can learn things they never knew, laugh at things they'd forgotten, check for records while they watch sports on TV and find plenty of new tidbits for party talk. Anyone will be happy to receive "The" "World Almanac Book of Records "as a gift.
Factoids, tables, timelines, stories; the natural, man-made and otherworldly; the essential, obscure and weird; "The World Almanac Book of Records" makes information easy to look up and easy to use. Records are organized by subject and painstakingly indexed, so you can quickly find all the fascinating records for your favorite topics.
Want to know about the:
Nation with the most immigrants to the U.S?
Director with most Academy Awards?
First toothpick machine?
Pitcher with four saves in a World Series?
Waves that can be surfed for half an hour?
The stories of these and more than 4,995 other records are in "The World Almanac Book of Records." (For the "record," the answers are Germany, John Ford, Benjamin Sturtevant's 1863 invention, Yankee John Wetteland in 1996 and, ... well you'll just have purchase a copy of "The World Almanac Book ofRecords" )

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