Web Publishing for Teachers

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Web Publishing for Teachers PDF ebook download A must-have book that shows teachers how to set up, design, and publish Web pages for themselves and for their classrooms
— Enables to set up, design, and publish Web pages for classroom use
— Addresses the need for classroom-based web activities that many educators feel unprepared to implement
— Included CD features easy-to-use web page templates and other useful Internet tools
— Helps teachers create lesson plans with increased knowledge and authority by using the wide range of subjects that can be accessed via the Web
— Gives teachers competence and confidence in publishing their students' works on the Web
— Allows teachers to establish a Web identity for information exchange and educational research with other educators
— Opens up new possibilities for interesting classroom projects
— Focuses on designing and creating original Web pages
— Discusses HTML, VRML, CGI/PERL, and JavaWeb Publishing For Teachers unveils the mystery of the World Wide Web by guiding teachers through the process of setting up, designing, and publishing their own Web pages for classroom use.

The World Wide Web is hot, and teachers want to take advantage of all its features. Web Publishing For Teachers is loaded with suggestions for fun and practical classroom activities and describes both how to create and how to use Web pages in the classroom. This book not only deals with the creation of Web pages by both teachers and their students, it also provides excellent and abundant information about accessing other educational resources on the Web, resources that feature such topics as educational jobs/careers, scholarships, educational information-sharing, and using theInternet and World Wide Web in the classroom. This book also demystifies HTML, VRML, CGI/PERL, Java, and, turning these terms into parts of the Web-savvy teacher's everyday classroom vocabulary. Educators also learn how to use web publishing to present their own and students' work to school boards, parent teacher groups, and community organizations.

eBook Web Publishing for Teachers

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