Medals In The Attic (Annie's Attic Mysteries #2)

PDF-file by Cathy Elliott

Medals In The Attic (Annie's Attic Mysteries #2) PDF ebook download From "Every visit to the spacious attic of Grey Gables is a new adventure of discovery … as is the case one rainy afternoon when Annie and Boots (Gram’s irascible cat) once again start exploring the treasures hidden in dusty boxes and trunks. This time — at the bottom of a box in the corner — Annie finds a pair of service medals from World War II in perfect condition inside a beautiful hand-carved wooden case with a glass top.

This is very curious because her grandfather’s medals are on display in the living room downstairs … so who could these spectacular medals belong to? And why have they been hidden away in the attic for years?"

eBook Medals In The Attic (Annie's Attic Mysteries #2)

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