The Alpha's Toy (The Alpha Shifter Collection, #1)

PDF-file by Sam Crescent

The Alpha's Toy (The Alpha Shifter Collection, #1) PDF ebook download To spare an innocent she has to become his plaything.

When Zeke attacks her pack, Mary, a half-breed wolf, wants to save a young wolf, but to do so, she has to accept his bargain. She must be his toy until the next full moon. Mary despises the alpha she must now give her body to, but she can’t deny the response he inspires within her.

Exploring the deceased pack’s lair Zeke stumbles onto something that could destroy all breeds of wolf. The leaders of Mary’s pack had been experimenting on wolves. The reasons why are still unknown, but Zeke will do everything in his power to find out the truth, especially when he discovers Mary was one of their experiments.

Even before the end of the month Mary becomes all he can think about, and he’s determined to keep his toy safe. Then a twist of fate lets him know she’s more than a toy. Mary is his mate. Can he overcome her fear of him and convince her to stay when her month is up?

eBook The Alpha's Toy (The Alpha Shifter Collection, #1)

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