Blind Side

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Blind Side PDF ebook download Okay. I've only read half of this book, and I love it so much it's frustrating. This author is amazing at writing suspense. He writes in a way that reminds me of a soap opera, always jumping from one scene to the next, just drawing you in more and more, until you want to scream and shake the book hoping that somehow the story will just fall out and reveal everything at once. (I sort of did that, too. The shaking the book thing.) Anyway, there are a few pretty cheesy parts, but the suspense is so wonderful that I don’t care about the little bit of cheese in the least. I can’t wait to finish this book!

A Few Days Later...

Wow. What a let down. It's pretty sad that I loved the book so much in the middle and just really, well, didn't even like it so much at the end. The cheese got a bit out of hand. So many times I just thought, "No one would ever say that!" I love books with a huge twist at the end. Dan Brown does that REALLY WELL. This author builds the suspense too much and then it just fizzles out. I cant believe how disappointed I am.

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