Chroniques du Plateau-Mont-Royal

PDF-file by Michel Tremblay

Chroniques du Plateau-Mont-Royal PDF ebook download There are no words. Just awesome. Grieving because I finished this book, looking to find everything else by Michel Tremblay. Couldn't put it down.

I remember reading the Chroniques when i was a pre-teen at the public library and finding them funny. Now, It's the discovery of my grandmother, my mother, the way they lived, the damn grey steak and the tea gravy, the refusal to talk about my epilepsy, still to this day, I laughed, I cried, so well written, so poetic, so real and yet, like a fairy tale. My French Canadian roots are all there, now I understand where I come from.

Thank you Mr Tremblay for such an eye opening read, full of magic and raw beauty. I miss my grandma. I also miss Victoire.

eBook Chroniques du Plateau-Mont-Royal

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