Across the Gobi Desert

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Across the Gobi Desert PDF ebook download This account of the celebrated Swedish explorer describes his expeditions into northern China and inner Mongolia in 1928 and 1929. Written in his characteristic narrative to simplicity it details his negotiation with the central government of Nan king and aims to increase the archaeological and geographical knowledge of these now desolate areas that were once the hub of Buddhist religion and enterprise. Hedin, in this account traverses a part of the route the Marco Polo tread on, and was performed at the time when China was declared a republic. Translated from the Swedish by Elizabeth Sprigge and Claude Napier 20th century - Twentieth century
Subject : Central Asia , China-Description and Travel
Region : China; Mongolia;; Asia; North-Asia.
Period : 1901-2000 AD

eBook Across the Gobi Desert

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