A Brig of War (Nathaniel Drinkwater, #3)

PDF-file by Richard Woodman

A Brig of War (Nathaniel Drinkwater, #3) PDF ebook download Based on the real life career of Royal Navy officer Nathaniel Drinkwater from 1798-1800, "A Brig of War" chronicles the lieutenant's confrontation with his old enemy, Edouard Sathonax, who is preparing his French Squadron for a descent on India. While hunting this elusive quarry, Drinkwater finds himself fighting to bring a half-armed ship safely to the Cape of Good Hope and valiantly struggling to overcome the French and the violence of the sea."Vivid stuff, written by a man who knows his seamanship and who has used the records as a dramatic backcloth to his imagination". — Navy News

"Packed with exciting incident, worthy of wide appeal to those who love thrilling nautical encounters and the sea". — Nautical Magazine

"Action to the bone, no romantic bilgewater...a first-class account". — Observer

eBook A Brig of War (Nathaniel Drinkwater, #3)

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