Slim to None

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Slim to None PDF ebook download A talented covert-ops specialist driven by a single, personal purpose, and a conspiracy that reaches from the darkest corners of the Middle East to the upper echelons of WashingtonSecurity specialist Hannah Nicks has one goal: earn enough money to regain custody of her son. The fastest way to accomplish that is to take on a covert, privately funded mission in the Middle East. But when the mission ends badly, she realizes the price of her risks: the loss of a young ally, the reward money and her reputation.

Two years later Hannah is back in Los Angeles. When a chance encounter leads to the man who ruined her mission, Hannah plans to even the score. But she doesn't expect to unravel a tangled web of lies and treachery that could drag America to its knees. Her only ally is a cop who has burned a few too many bridges himself and understands that the odds are always better when you have nothing left to lose.

eBook Slim to None

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