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Defenders PDF ebook download Sometimes, we take ourselves too seriously. We all have things that make us laugh and cause others to laugh at or with us, things that make us uncomfortable, things that instill jealousy (sometimes irrationally), and so on.

The problem, in my opinion, with Maguire, DeMatteis, and Giffen’s take on “The Defenders” is that I do NOT expect those traits from powerful godlike beings like Dormammu. When Tommy and Dick Smothers do the “Mom always liked you best” routine, I laughed.When Dormammu and Umar do it while plotting a takeover of the universe, I cringe.

Further, I realize that Dr. Strange is a bit full of himself but won’t admit it, and that Namor is and will admit it because he feels it’s his birthright AND a privilege he’s earned, as well.I could do without the two of them constantly reminding the other of those personality flaws.Toss in Bruce Banner and occasionally his large green-skinned alter ego, and you have insufferability.Further, while I could see how the Silver Surfer might be interested in California’s surfer culture, I can NOT see him blowing off the opportunity to save the world in order to immerse himself in that community.

With different characters, this would have been a fun romp.By using existing characters and turning them on their ears, I feel it fails.

RATING:2.5 stars, rounded up to 3 stars.

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