An International Handbook of Tourism Education

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An International Handbook of Tourism Education PDF ebook download As tourism matures as an academic subject and the number of tourism higher education providers continues to expand world-wide, there is an increasing interest in its educational aspects. At the same time, the development of research into education issues related to tourism means that there is now a developing literature on the subject. This international handbook offers a timely evaluation of the state-of-the-art of tourism higher education. The book brings together expert contributors from around the world to present current thinking and practice about what is now a major element of education provision world-wide. It is structured round four key themes: curriculum; international perspective; teaching, learning and assessment; and resources, progression and quality. Its global survey of tourism education offers a comprehensive basis for comparative review. In addition to setting out the development and current provision of tourism education, it also addresses cutting edge issues such as, PhD education, non-formal education, cultural issues in learning, research and teaching, e-learning, and e-assessment.; It offers practical advice for the design, delivery, evaluation, and resourcing of courses and concludes with a reflective agenda of issues for the future. This book is an essential reference work for all tourism departments and libraries; those planning, developing and delivering tourism courses; those studying courses with a focus on education issues related to tourism; those studying education per se, particularly linked with vocational education, and those charged with quality review and enhancement.

eBook An International Handbook of Tourism Education

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