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4 Stars

I have started and finished this book in just one sitting. Its a good book if your looking for some light read and the characters here were kinda realistic.

So as I read the beginning of the story it's really interesting to find out that the shy/quiet type Harper made out with some stranger and that stranger turned out to be the one whose gonna live with her and her family for quite a long time. :)

I also love the friendship of Harper and Olive, its really great to have a bestfriend where you two treat each other like sisters.

And then Duke and Harper, Well you know maybe they kinda have struggle at first but then everything went smooth as the story goes on.

What I also love about Duke is when he's taking care of Harper and he's little ways to annoyed her.

Its a quick read for like it consists of 26 chapters on wattpad? Well not so sure about that but yes its really a good book to read. Plus the cover is gorgeous! :D


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