Secrets at City Hospital

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Secrets at City Hospital PDF ebook download Secrets at City Hospital is the latest novel available by Kate Allan.

First day as Registrar in the Maternity Ward at City Hospital doesn't start well for Dr Rachel Booth. Her car won't start, she ladders her tights and just when she thinks nothing else can happen (we all know things come in three's!) she spills her coffee!

No sooner does she step onto the ward and before she can even find her bearings she is thrown into an emergency.

Patrick Dempsey look-alike, Grant Mackenzie is an extremely skilled midwife who has a plan of which he isn't ready to share with his colleagues.

The last thing on either oftheir minds is romance, but with an instant attraction on both sides can they stop themselves?

Can Rachel get close to Grant? Will she ever find out what he is hiding? Is there room in Grant's life for Rachel?

This is my first ever medical novel I have read and all I could think about as I was about to read it was, would it be like Grey's Anatomy, and how surprised was I to find the leading Man had the looks of the very gorgeous Patrick Dempsey! The rest of the book didn't disappoint, whilst only 30k words Kate was able to pack lots into the story. A few twists and turns along the way with no medical degree needed to understand what was going on!

Fast paced, well written and very easy to read. It's a fab introduction to medical style novels. Lovely relationships between Rachel and her sister and also the mystery that unfolds around Grant.

Thanks so much Kate for sending me a copy of this book. Really enjoyed it!

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