Mind-Spinning Rainbows

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Mind-Spinning Rainbows PDF ebook download This is a book of poetry.

I've always treated poetry books as companions. They travel with me on trips short and long from over-nights to vacation adventures. A collection of mind journeys within the physical hardships, brief welcome escapes to streams of thoughts that make and break connections in my larger imaginary book of memories and dreams. This one is great for that. Cleverly using its electronic format, all poems are linked to a master table of contents from which my fingers can dance upon the touch screen by chance or browse in careful selection of a possible diversion or potential deeper revelation. To quote the author :

My own rhythm
In the midst of motion -
A semi-conscious chaos
I did not make.

My favorite from this collection at this point is a longer effort called, "Stepping off" which I found a perfect companion as I readied myself for my morning walk. There is a wide variety of works in this volume including an excellent selection of Haikus which are always thought provoking. The Haiku titled "This man" is my current favorite.

I am, by no means an expert on poetry. I simply know what I like and this book is an excellent example of what I like.

eBook Mind-Spinning Rainbows

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