The Mistaken Miss (The Rakehell Regency #7)

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The Mistaken Miss (The Rakehell Regency #7) PDF ebook download The Mistaken Miss
Book 7 of The Rakehell Regency Romance Series
Sorcha MacMurrough

The wrong woman!
Philip Marshall’s plans to elope with Johanna Otway go awry when her twin sister Jasmine appears on his doorstep trying to prevent her sibling’s ruination at the hands of London’s most infamous rake. But the man Jasmine meets is completely different from what she ever expected. Far from saving her sister, Jasmine is plunged headlong into disaster, and Philip’s bed. For he does not realize the passionate woman he takes into his embrace is definitely NOT the arctic Johanna until it's too late.

Philip had fully intended to ruin the Otway family through the seduction of their heiress. He had no idea a younger, nearly identical twin sister even existed. Now he finds himself drawn to Jasmine in the most unexpected ways. Who has seduced whom? Will his erotic passions be the making of Jasmine, or bring about her ruin?

Frederick Otway is relentless in his hatred of Philip and his family.He would rather see his daughter Jasmine dead than happily in love with Philip. Frederick sets about ruining both their lives with the deft skill of a cat playing with a mouse.

Johanna too is livid at losing her rich, handsome conquest to her quiet little bluestocking of a sister, and is determined to seduce Philip away from Jasmine, the better to help Frederick ruin him.

Jasmine and Philip share the most compelling erotic connection, but is that enough to build a solid marriage upon? Jasminemust trust her whole life to a shadowy stranger, and uncover the truth about her family and the destruction her father has caused if she and Philip are ever to have a future together. Philip must atone for his past crimes and come to terms with his horrendous secrets if he is ever to win the love of the remarkable woman whom a strange quirk of Fate has bestowed upon him.

An Excerpt from The Mistaken Miss:

As Jasmine licked her lips nervously, Philip made his move.
She was stunned by the kiss, for the last thing she had ever expected was that the man her sister was getting ready to elope with would actually DARE to presume…
But even more stunning was that rather than filling her with revulsion, Jasmine found her arms creeping around his neck, her lips pressing even more tightly to his own.
His busy hands were already tumbling her thick luxuriant fall of honey-blond hair down over her shoulders, running his fingers through it to loosen the braids so that it flowed freely over her curved back and down across her breasts.
She held her breath as he stroked one tress from the top of her head down past her cheek, neck, shoulder, and finally her bosom.
One hand on her back arched her chest upwards to press tightly to his, and she could feel herself stroking his silk waistcoat, insinuating her fingers into the space between the buttons in an effort to grasp her reeling world and the incredible man who held her in his arms...

Word Count: 93,800, approx 350 8.5 x 11" pages
Rating: Extremely Sensual, many detailed love scenes throughout the entire book

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eBook The Mistaken Miss (The Rakehell Regency #7)

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