Sasha's Story

PDF-file by Andromeda Bliss

Sasha's Story PDF ebook download Sasha visits an alien bar looking for exotic excitement and wakes in a strange white room with no memory of how she got there. There is no exit—is this a jail cell? Or a cage? The intriguing reptilian male in the next cell tells her she was abducted and is now the subject of experimentation. But what kind of experiments? When a female alien enters his cell, Sasha witnesses in scorching detail the erotic behavior their captors expect to observe. And she’s his next test partner...

Warning: “Sasha’s Story” is a 10,000+ word erotic short story intended for mature audiences only, with explicit sexual content, graphic language, and sizzling human/alien scenarios that may be shocking to some readers. Enter at your own risk!

eBook Sasha's Story

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