Think Pink

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Think Pink PDF ebook download "Graced by Clarke's pleasant, representational illustrations."-Publishers Weekly

At the Royal Orlando Peabody Hotel, Debbie Duck proudly leads the famous Duck March from the elevator to the lobby fountain. However, Debbie's troubles begin the day she starts to "think pink" instead of listening to the Duck Master. From sharing a pink ice cream cone to joining a party of bridesmaids dressed in pink, Debbie waddles her way into all kinds of mischief. To help the Duck Master deal with his pink-obsessed duck, the hotel guests come up with a plan to save the Duck March and keep Debbie happy.

This fair-feather tale introduces children not only to the famous Florida Duck March but also teaches them the concept of self-control. Debbie's misadventures illustrate the problems that arise from acting impulsively without considering the consequences. Through Debbie's example, children are reminded that they can obey rules and still be true to who they are.

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