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Practical Jquery PDF ebook download jQuery is one of today's most popular JavaScript web application development frameworks and libraries. And while getting started with the tool is easy, sometimes it's not as simple to completely realize the power and automation that it can bring to your development workand that's especially the case when you're in the middle of a project, up against a deadline

That's wherePractical jQuery comes in. Authors Rod Paddock and John V. Petersen tackle jQuery in the context of a live project, exactly as they teach it in their popular classes, and provideadvice and examples that readerscan use directly in their own workwith no hand-holding and theoretical discussion. Get a fundamental perspective on how jQuery works, how to understand, select, and even build your own plug-ins, and how to make sure your projects run at the peak of their potential performance. What you'll learn How jQuery works Bootstrap jQuery into your applications Add dynamic functionality to your applications with pre-packaged jQuery plugins Select items for manipulation using jQuery's selector syntax Build your own plugins Who this book is for

Practical jQuery is for a web developer on the job who wants to gain familiarity anda working knowledge of jQuery as quickly as possible. "

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