Stripped (Doctor's Orders, #3)

PDF-file by Chloe Cox

Stripped (Doctor's Orders, #3) PDF ebook download This book is labeled EROTICA. Please don't read this review if you are not comfortable with that type of story.

Claire has been unhappy with her life, when she first received her invitation to see the Doctor.Her first appointment, which was chronicled in the short story The Exam (available for free on started her journey of sexual and self discovery. Her second appointment, which was chronicled in the short story Remote Control pushed her to face some fears and address them head on. Stripped is her third appointment and it already has the making to be completely different than any appointment before.

As with all appointment, the Doctor has Claire address and face things in her life that she is unhappy with, that she has let slide thinking she had no control over, when in fact she should have had control over them.Through all this Claire has learned about herself and is a much more strong and confident woman, but she has found herself falling in love with the Doctor.

Is falling for the Doctor allowed? Or has Claire just broken the biggest rule of all?

The third book in the Doctor's orders series leaves us with a twist that rivals any great romance.

eBook Stripped (Doctor's Orders, #3)

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