Fiesta San Antonio

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Fiesta San Antonio PDF ebook download So just reread this book again.This guy is the epitome of Gamma hero.Whatever is beyond an asshaty controlling jerk is what this guy is.Why do I like this thing?Still I continue to reread it. ;-)

Originally published in 1977, the hero wears leisure suits.You have to just overlook that part. ;-)He is a cold heartless bastard who only comes to realize he loves the heroine late in the book.He does basically rape the heroine on their wedding night when she refuses him.But I just consider the time it was written and read in with the same grain of salt I do all HPs.The same as I do the modern Italian billionaire stories. But if rape scenes offend you, you might not like it. He loves the heroine at the end and is willing to give her up if that will make her happy.He is just a man who has always been a loner and never knew how to love but loving the heroine breaks him out of that shell.She is a naive young girl but she does typically stand up for herself. I have read it many times but I've just reread it for the first time in probably 20 years and I was just as drawn in and riveted as when I read it in 1977.

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