The High House (Emma, #1)

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The High House (Emma, #1) PDF ebook download In the 1970s, there seemed to be a lot of books about orphaned or motherless girls who had to take on adult responsibilities and in so doing learned that love is more important than a clean house. I recall reading that book at least twice as Reeney by Molly Cone and another one about some orphan girl named Ellen. If Judy Blume hasn't already written that book then she probably will at some point.

A couple of weeks ago, I passed by my neighborhood Little Free Library and there was that book again, this time as The High House. Siblings Emma and Richard are sent to live with different aunts after their parents are killed in an accident. Budding musician Richard's aunt is orderly and believes in routine; judgmental killjoy Emma's is an artist and therefore doesn't believe in clocks or doing dishes. Long story short: Emma discovers that love is more important than a clean house.

I can see where if someone read this book as a kid, they would look back on it fondly, but reading it for the first time as an adult, I just wanted to flick Emma in the forehead every time she disapproved of something.

eBook The High House (Emma, #1)

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