The Stigma of Genius

PDF-file by Joe L. Kincheloe

The Stigma of Genius PDF ebook download This book uses the example of Einstein's life and his genius hidden in the guise of a less-than-perfect student to critique schools. Kincheloe (public policy and administration, CUNY Brooklyn College and Penn State U.). Steinberg (education, Adelphi U.), and Tippins (science education, U. of Georgia), use Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and his insistence on the interconnectedness and relational aspects of science to introduce postformal thinking to educators. They suggest that without falling into paralyzing relativism educators should be able to incorporate social theory, political analysis, indigenous knowledge, feminist studies, and quantum mechanics, among other studies, in order to better view our world from a variety of vantage points.

eBook The Stigma of Genius

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