The Leopard Mask (The Guin Saga #1)

PDF-file by Kaoru Kurimoto

The Leopard Mask (The Guin Saga #1) PDF ebook download The Guin Saga is epic heroic fantasy in the smae vein as Robert E. Howard's Conan, the Barbarian. More than a hundred books strong and growing, the saga has sold more than twenty-five million copies in Japan. Vertical will publish the first five installments that comprise "The Marches Episode" arc.

In a single day and night of fierce fighting, the Archduchy of Mongaul has overrun its elegant neighbor, Parros. The lost priest kindgom's surviving royalty, the young twins Rinda and Remus, hide in a forest in the forbidding wil marches. There they are saved by a mysterious creature with a man's body and a leopard's heas, who has emerged from a deep sleep and remembers only his name. Guin.

eBook The Leopard Mask (The Guin Saga #1)

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