For Certain Values of Family (The Administration, #7)

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For Certain Values of Family (The Administration, #7) PDF ebook download Every silver lining has a cloud. After the revolution, stability returns for most of the citizens of the European Administration. Revolution has delivered a little more freedom, if not as much as its architects hoped. Some, however, are finding that change also brings more complications and fresh dangers.
For Para-investigator Val Toreth, the Investigation and Interrogation Division isn't quite the home it used to be. With a reduced investigation team, fractured relationships, and political uncertainly about the future, the last thing he needs is trouble from someone else's family, or unexpected news from his own.
Keir Warrick has enough to deal with, too, as financial uncertainty threatens his virtual reality corporation. SimTech might turn out to be the least of his worries, though, as a family reconciliation turns into a fight for survival. Someone is tying up loose ends, and if Warrick digs too deep for the truth, could he become one of them? The personal becomes political and professional, as family history delivers present danger. And even a socio-analyst can learn something new about family values—for certain values of family.

The seventh book in the Administration series contains the novel Family Values and two further short stories set in the near-future dystopia of New London.

eBook For Certain Values of Family (The Administration, #7)

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