Nickel Fictions

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Nickel Fictions PDF ebook download 50 short, concise selections from Bob Thurber,acclaimed master of the short form. Several of these selections have been utilized as teaching tools in schools and colleges. If you enjoy small 'bite-size' stories, or are a fan of micro-fiction and flash fiction, you'll appreciate these sharply written, miniature creations from a "masterful wordsmith."

** If you look for good short-short fictions either on the Web or in print, you'll spend plenty of time feeling annoyed. The flush of popularity enjoyed by the micro form is not yet translating into good stories. They're damned hard to write — that's one possible reason. The other is that most flash fiction writers have no idea of how to go about it.

In my literary career I've come across no more than a half dozen writers capable of writing literary micro fictions. Bob Thurber is the Maestro of these oddities.— Andrew Wilson, (from the Foreword of Nickel Fictions)

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