An Amish Christmas Wish / The Christmas Prayer

PDF-file by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

An Amish Christmas Wish / The Christmas Prayer PDF ebook download TWO COMPLETE STORIES IN ONE BOOK!

Grace Fisher left the Amish community just after her baptism, frightened she'd missed out on exploring the English ways when her father had forbidden her to participate in her rumspringa.
When she returns to the community just days before Christmas, her father turns her away.
After running her car off the road in a blizzard, Grace ends up at the mercy of Ethan Bontrager, the man whose proposal she'd refused before leaving the community. Will the two of them be able to put the past behind them while trapped together in a blizzard?

The day before school lets out for the holiday season, students are asked to submit a confidential and unselfish prayer to their teacher as an end-of-the-year assignment. When two of the students realize they share a common prayer, they join forces to make certain those prayers are answered. Will their shenanigans bring two broken families together, or will their efforts be in vain?

eBook An Amish Christmas Wish / The Christmas Prayer

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