The Justification Of The Good

PDF-file by Vladimir S. Soloviev

The Justification Of The Good PDF ebook download "After passing through deism, pantheism, and sundry atheistic visions of life, Vladimir Solovyov emerged as a Christian thinker of irrepressible conviction and uncommon genius. The Justification of the Good, one of Solovyov's last and most mature works, presents a profound argument for human morality based on the world's longing for and participation in God's goodness." This edition of The Justification of the Good reproduces the English edition of 1918 and is the only new publication of this work since that date. The book includes explanatory footnotes by esteemed scholar Boris Jakim and a bibliography, compiled by Jakim, of Solovyov's major philosophical and religious works.

eBook The Justification Of The Good

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