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From PDF ebook download This novella was formerly known as "A Life With Purpose."

"From Nazi Germany, to Cuba" takes place on the tragic voyage of the SS St. Louis. This was a ship that Hitler allowed to sail out of Germany carrying the souls of 926 Jewish passengers hoping to be allowed to migrate to Cuba instead of facing death in the concentration camps. The vessel sailed out of the port of Hamburg Germany in 1939, with a very high price demanded for passage.However, when the ship set out on it’s way to Havana Cuba, the travelers had no idea what was in store.
This book is the story of love, of betrayal and jealousy…of the will to live and the sadistic hatred of a madman and those who followed him.But, it isalso a tribute to the human spirit which is sometimes remarkably filled with hope, generosity, light and the greatest gift of all, love.

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