101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism

PDF-file by Theresa C. Smith

101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism PDF ebook download 101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism: Effective Solutions for Everyday Challenges was an interesting book that went into great detail on how somebody can help an autistic child be able to associate with themselves, with people around them and their environment. It goes into great and thorough detail on the tips but it is still understandable. Scattered throughout are short stories, that are linked to the tip, from varied sources. Some of those stories were humorous whilst others were sad.

I liked the fact that little or no jargon was used so it's easy for anybody to understand. The ten chapters I found pretty much covered all bases and were to the point. All this leads to a straightforward book that anybody is sure to understand and get a better grasp on autism.

Having never met, or known, anybody with autism, as far as I know, I never understood the struggles that the person and the people they know went through. Of course I'd heard of autism but apart from the name that is as far as my understanding of the disability went. This book gave me a brief view and understanding of autism and of all the struggles, heartache and joy that go along with it.

eBook 101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism

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