The Chinese Takeout

PDF-file by Judith Cutler

The Chinese Takeout PDF ebook download This is not finished BUT I'm marking it as read and placing it in my 'not finished' pile of books on here. I just can't get into this book at all. I was drawn to it because of the cover and I like to read things to do with Chinese culture/people.

But 50 or so pages in and they will still farting about in the Church...And I understand when stories start off slow...But this was just TOO slow for my likes. I couldn't see it picking up any sort of pace TBH. Not to mention I usually like mystery novels but I learnt more about ways to describe a man's adams apple than the mystery on hand about Tang.

I'm currently on a path to try and minimise my collection of physical books and this was one of them. I'm not going to throw it away but it'll go into a pile that I'll come back to when I have nothing else to read...

eBook The Chinese Takeout

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