Guns N' Lizards

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Guns N' Lizards PDF ebook download Billed as a graphic novel starring ‘dinosaurs with brains the size of walnuts and guns the size of parked cars’, Dinosaurs for Hire: Guns N Lizards is the story of three extraterrestrial dinosaurs employed by the CIA. Archie (the Tyrannosaur), Lorenzo (the Triceratops), and Reese (the Stegosaurus) have many wacky adventures including busting a cocaine shipment, negotiating hostage release, spending time with Dracula in northern France, and finding themselves in Soviet Russia, hung upside down in a dungeon in full bondage. Managed by a female mad scientist, the coffee drinking, Hawaiian shirt wearing, uzi-toting dino trio and their personal humanoid femme-bots are fearless, punny, and a great representative of late 1980s sci-fi/humor.
The angles and lighting of the drawings in this black and white graphic novel are purposely reminiscent of bad 80’s Schwarzenegger/macho films. Overall, Dinosaurs for Hire: Guns N Lizards reads like a fast paced action movie, and the period hairstyles and clothes depicted are a comic (and comical) time capsule from the ‘decade that fashion forgot’. In its heyday, there was a 16-bit video game based on this novel, but the book has been out of print for years and is very hard to find. Dinosaurs for Hire comics were published throughout the 1980s, this is a compilation of older comic books with new connecting story added. Rated mature for sexual innuendo, drug use, and extreme violence.

eBook Guns N' Lizards

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