Man Candy

PDF-file by Samantha Cayto

Man Candy PDF ebook download War photographer Brent faces the challenge of a lifetime when the younger Alex offers up his virginity and his submission.

As a war photographer, Brent is used to facing bullets, bombs and bad guys. As an experienced Dom, he’s the master of the bedroom. Recovering from an injury, he plans a quiet summer on the coast of Maine. Those plans blow up when he spots the adorable stripper that captured his attention during a night of club hopping. The allure of the younger man scares him like nothing else.

Alex, a twenty-one-year-old college student and part-time stripper, is deep in the closet. He’s afraid to come out to his family yet still dependent on them. Only one more summer to go working in the family candy shop and he’ll be free to live openly as a gay man. The sight of Brent sends him into a near panic—his two lives are about to collide. Despite his fear of being outed, he can’t deny the overwhelming attraction of the older, dominate man. But will he be able to let Brent take charge of his body and show him the ropes as he so desires?

eBook Man Candy

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