Dawn of the Seraphs

PDF-file by Adrianne Brennan

Dawn of the Seraphs PDF ebook download From the Immortal Fire Anthology

In a future where psychics called Seraphs belong to the ANGEL institute, Tamar must team up with Kir, an old rival, to save ANGEL from destructive forces. Can the two Seraphs find love and passion in a dark, bureaucratic world which seeks to manipulate and destroy their kind?


Tamar is a Seraph, a member of an influential organization of powerful psychics known as ANGEL. Seraphs are humans who have evolved to have varying psychic abilities. Possessing a greater lifespan and intelligence than ordinary humans, Seraphs within ANGEL grow to their full potential through study and practice.

In the year 4287 on planet Earth, ANGEL has deteriorated to become the harbor of the bored elite. A small but passionate rebellion rises to take back the power they once held. In pursuit of his own dreams, Tamar is caught in the chaotic struggle for evolution, power, and to define the greater good.

Kir, an old rival from his days as an apprentice within ANGEL, resurfaces, threatening to shred Tamar’s world into bits...along with his heart. Their ideals clash, and a bitter fight ensues between them. Can Tamar’s courage save Kir from the darkness which plagues him while remaining true to himself and what he holds dear?

eBook Dawn of the Seraphs

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