The Stranger I Know

PDF-file by Amy Isan

The Stranger I Know PDF ebook download I’m in love with a man who’s ruining my life.

Every week, I slip into a hotel room with him and blindfold myself. He makes me feel alive in a way I've never experienced. He won't let me see his face, but I’ve grown to love the way he touches me, holds me...
And hurts me.

But there’s another man in my life who is trying to hurt me. James; a new executive for a rival company. He wants to get me fired — to destroy me — by any means necessary.
Millions of dollars are at stake, and I can’t let that bastard get to me. Except he already has.

Every mistake pushes me back into the arms of my Dom... my Stranger.
He’s the only thing keeping my hands from shaking. But what if he's the one making my life into a living hell?

eBook The Stranger I Know

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