Freya's Child

PDF-file by P.J. Roscoe

Freya's Child PDF ebook download What would a parent do to save their child? Fight the dead? Fight the Gods?
Helen Gunn moves to the Wirral, England with her estranged husband and their three year old daughter, Charlotte to try and save their marriage. But when Charlotte starts talking to an invisible friend and sees dark shadows that threaten her life, Helen's worst nightmare begins. To save her daughter,she must put an end to a thousand years of torment and face the unknown.
Einaar and Astrid settle on the Wirral having been driven out of Dublin. They want to farm the land and start a peaceful life, raising their daughter, Inga. Einaar has never questioned the old ways, until his child's life is at risk. Christianity is a new religion, with a new belief, but which God will save his daughter?
An archaeological dig has unearthed a forgotten village. A long lost secret has been uncovered; the gods have woken.

eBook Freya's Child

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