Camelea Like a Seagull

PDF-file by Suzanne Gohier

Camelea Like a Seagull PDF ebook download Anything is possible with a fantasy hairdo!

After a great birthday celebration for her brother, Camelea is too excited to sleep. Replaying the events of the day in her head, she finds a way to calm down. Camelea's fantasy hairdo helps her fall asleep easily.

Using the power of her imagination, Camelea finds within herself the confidence to face her fears. Her enthusiasm and resourcefulness are an inspiration to children as they learn to meet the challengesof everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Camelea. Discover the ways she has found to build her confidence and feel good about herself.

Boys and girls ages 5-9 will love the Camelea book, with its inspiring story, beautiful full-color illustrations and sparkly cover.

The Camelea series is also available on amazon.

eBook Camelea Like a Seagull

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