Painful Secrets

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Painful Secrets PDF ebook download Stopped on the way to attacking his high school with an assault rifle, Tim Hutchinson knew that life was the battlefield, and fate his merciless enemy. 'Painful Secrets' is the shocking true story of one young man's battle against bullies, drugs, firearms, gangs, prostitution, the KKK and a downward spiral that was sure to plummet him into an early grave. Homeless, suicidal, and out of options, he dreamed of rebuilding the tangled wreckage that barely resembled a life. This memoir details how the mentoring of a holocaust survivor turned his life around so dramatically, that he is now a motivational speaker who visits K-12 schools and clearly shows students, teachers and parents how to stop the violence, bullying, and drug abuse that is so prevalent in almost every community. Using his life as an example, as described in 'Painful Secrets', Tim has already prevented four school shootings and stopped over fifty teen suicides. He has also been a consultant on youth issues with the U.S. Department of Justice and MTV. He is additionally proud that his daughter is the youngest person in America to be awarded the 'Medal of Valor'. 'Painful Secrets' clearly shows how any teen can escape from the tangled web of hate and violence, and go on to lead a successful, happy life. It also serves as a deterrent for those who have not yet taken the wrong fork in life.

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