Managing in the Twenty-first Century

PDF-file by Joan F. Marques

Managing in the Twenty-first Century PDF ebook download A unique, non-traditional book for business students and members of today’s workplaces. Focusing on 4 main topics, 1) Authentic Leadership, 2) Workplace Spirituality, 3) Appreciative Inquiry, and 4) Ethical leadership and Emotional Intelligence, this work offers a series of thought-provoking, motivating, growth-oriented, exercises that will help you tap into your internal locus of control. All exercises have been successfully shared and validated by the contributors during a variety of global Organization Behavior related conferences, as well as in classrooms and corporate workshops. The exercises are widely diverse, and come from instructors from various cultures, which guarantees their global appeal. A great book that focuses on increased interaction, greater participation, and understanding by doing.

eBook Managing in the Twenty-first Century

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