Seven Generations

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Seven Generations PDF ebook download Seven Generations is a historically accurate novel of successive generation of a Shoshone Indian family from 1825 to 2013. The book depicts the great cultural and political upheaval that has taken place for Indians in the American West, from the point of view of characters entwined in a colorful and dramatically changing world. There are seven parts, one for each generation.

The first part contains the stories of Trees-Told-It; a Shoshone Indian who was born to the “old way” in 1825 then lived a life of turmoil until he died as a reservation Indian in 1910. In the second part, the daughter of Trees-Told-It leaves hunger on the reservation to become the second wife in a Mormon home of Utah pioneers in the 1880s. Part three is the memory of the grandson of Trees-Told-It of living on the early reservation, going to Indian boarding school and becoming a soldier in the trenches of WWI. The main character in the fourth generation marries a Spokane woman and moves to the Pacific Northwest, where he is present for the building of the dams on the Columbia River. He sees the drowning of the traditional salmon fisheries and hears his wife’s grandmother tell the story of the water and the salmon while he builds a life working in the uranium mines in the 1950s. Chapter five tells of two descendents of Trees-Told-It, one a descendant of his Mormon grandson coming home from World War II, and one a descendent of his Shoshone granddaughter, a woman who is “relocated” under a program to move Indians off reservations. They meet each other in New York City and celebrate the end of the war. In part six, a descendent of Trees-Told-It grows up on the Navajo Reservation then fights in the US Marines with his twin brother in Operation Enduring Freedom. The last chapter tells of a thirteen year-old girl and her family living today on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. The main characters all reappear in the final chapter as the elders retell their stories.

The author is the senior partner at a law firm practicing energy law for Indian Tribes. She has worked on reservations all across the United States for over 25 years and lives in Boulder, Colorado. This is her first novel.

eBook Seven Generations

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